MPLS based VPN

With the emergence of converged IP services, businesses today are demanding greater performance from their networks than ever before. Backbone Connectivity Network Ltd (BCN) network-based, MPLS-enabled virtual private network   solution offers multi-site businesses more bandwidth for the lower cost, faster application deployment, and more access options than traditional WAN services.
BCN MPLS VPN based services offers the following Value propositions:
•    Secure
•    Intelligent
•    Managed
•    Flexible
•    Cost Effective solution


FTTH fiber-optic communication service delivery is built on advanced and global standard broadband network architecture with top level configurations of fiber deployment touching the right boundary of your living or working space on a state of the art FTTH system capable of gigabit delivery..

We run an unrivalled point-to-point active Ethernet network with cost-effective solutions that address your evolving needs and our services are available to all premises such as homes and SME’s.

We have products specifically designed for Residences and small offices within the Abuja FCC. They are;

1.     BCN LITE- This is an FTTH internet solution with capacity of 1Mbps duplex with no data limitation.

2.     BCN BOLT- This comes with a higher internet capacity of 2mbps duplex

3.     BCN SOHO- This solution is for small and Home offices and it comes with 1Mbps capacity burstable to 2mbps.


Note: This service is currently available in certain parts of the City.

Dark Fiber

Backbone Connectivity Network’s Dark Fibre enables you to own a fibre network without having to build, operate, and maintain the physical network for both long haul and metro routes. Whether you require switched, metro, long haul,

point-to-point, or multipoint-to-multipoint, you’ll find us in the right locations.
Benefits to you, the customer, are: control over your network which in turns allows you to manage your technology roadmap, capacity usage, performance and operational costs.


We provide both dedicated wholesale and retail internet service to our different range of customer such as Internet service Providers, carriers and telecom operators. BCN has robust open Access network which provides secure and efficient internet connectivity to drive business growth and national development.

Our broadband service is delivered using our metro network within the Federal Capital, and can be delivered anywhere using metro -optic fibre last network or long haul fiber service. The service can deliver flexible bandwidth configuration from 1Mbps to STM-16.